Fear Not

Anyone who grew up when I did learned to love the Charlie Brown Christmas special. We talk about Charlie Brown trees at the lot, those poor things that are more stick than needles. We know all the words to “Christmas Time Is Here.” We know exactly how awful pink aluminum Christmas trees are, no matter what today’s fashionable magazines tell us is “on trend.”

But the best thing about the Charlie Brown Christmas special is something we might not know. When Linus is telling Charlie Brown about the meaning of Christmas, something important happens. Take a look:

Did you catch it? At the very moment of the story when Linus says “Fear not!”, he drops his blanket.

We know Linus can’t function without his blanket. It’s the most famous security blanket in the history of American pop culture. You never see Linus without his blanket.

And that’s why this moment is so important–and the key to what Christmas really means. Fear not. It’s the comfort of the story, the promise of what is to come. So that’s what I want for all of us this Christmas, for us to fear not. To welcome other people and cultures instead of fearing them. To learn about differences before spouting half-truths and prejudices. To step out of our comfort zones and listen, really listen, to those who might sing from a different page of music. The good news is for everyone, not just those who look like you or worship like you or carry the same voter registration card. Denying these truths is like clinging to a blanket that’s outgrown its purpose.

Remember the words that come next: “I bring you good tidings of great joy.” That’s the promise. Fear not. Great joy is coming. Have a blessed Christmas.

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  1. Thank you and AMEN! ^^^What she said^^^

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