Sucker for Romance

This is the most adorable thing. Maroon 5 drove around LA for an entire weekend crashing weddings to film the video for “Sugar.”

Obviously nothing goes off this easily at first crack. Apparently the band talked to the grooms in question and worked with the venues and DJs to get permission for the surprise and set up the curtain and equipment. They also performed the whole song twice to get the shots they needed, then they played an acoustic version of “She Will Be Loved” as a gift to the bride and groom before heading out.

The reactions are priceless–my favoriteĀ belongs to the dumbstruck cook in the hotel kitchen, not one of the brides–and the enthusiasm once everyone in the room catches on is so great.

The result left me in puddles of tears. Puddles. I admit it. I’m a sap. I cry at Publix holiday commercials all the time, and I’m guaranteed to sobĀ at the end of lots of different movies, to my kids’ amusement/consternation/horror. Especially when they’re romantic and most especially when they’re my-smile-hurts happy. But still, this is…just watch. Be ready to grin–and grab some tissues!


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