Welcome to the new year, everyone! Here’s wishing all of you a marvelous 2014. My dear friend Katherine Garbera was blogging about goals over at the Jaunty Quills, and she had an interesting way of looking at the new year. This year, instead of making a list (although she is an inveterate list maker and checker-offer), she’s choosing a word to direct her year. She chose adventure.

I like this approach. It appeals to my holistic sensibilities (right-brained folks, unite!) and probably won’t leave me with the vague sense of “you suck” that often happens at the end of the year when I review my list and see so much that was left unchecked. My word for 2014 will be ONWARD.

I like this word. It has its own momentum, and if you think about it, its own grace note of forgiveness as well. That’s the problem I’ve had with myself as of late. I seem to be in stasis, doing the same kinds of things and being vaguely (and sometimes directly) unhappy with the result. Or lack thereof. So, onward. Move instead of sit. Forgive myself for screwing up, dust off, and go forward. Keep progressing. I think that’s doable.

Onward, everyone. Happy New Year!

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