NaNoWriMo Update #3

Productive week this week. Turns out what I need to do is wake up early (just a little after 4 a.m.), write for an hour or so before I have to start waking DH or Frick (Frack sleeps in until after 7), and watch the words pile up. I am way ahead of my pace from two years ago–the year I won–29K now compared to 20K then. Plus, we have all week off from school next week, so I won’t have a chunk of eight-plus hours taken out of every day where I can’t write.

I’m reasonably confident I can win this year. I can write the 50K by next Sunday. The weird thing is, even though I planned far less with this story, the chapters are coming out more like normal chapters when you combine scene lengths. I also haven’t felt the need to whip through the pacing quite as much, so I can develop more of what’s going on.

I’m still on the fence about introducing other POVs within the main story. Surprise #1 of the year was discovering that this book wanted telling in third period rather than first. Now I have to decide, since I’m in third, whether the hero of the story or Lucy’s daughter gets a voice. I have some test samples of each floating out there–they count toward the NaNo goal, Chris Baty said!–but I don’t know if they’ll get integrated into the final product.

Okay, enough time wasted. I need to get back to the story!

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