NaNo Update, Week #3

Still behind–about 2,500 words off last year’s pace, which was behind enough in its own right. And I’d been sick for three days. Then. I have no excuse now! Using Chris Baty’s suggestion of 1,667 words per day to make writing 50K in 30 days manageable, I’m more off the pace than on. I owe more words than I’ve written.

That’s okay. I think I’m out of a bog. Past Chapter 5, at least. I’m having a really hard time not just letting go and moving on, which must be the key if this is to work at all. Today, the kids will be fairly self-starting, once I make breakfast. DS and DD will both have friends over. Yay! Actual writing time…squeezed between the trip to the grocery store and an attempt to find the Holy Grail Toy of Christmas. But that’s a depressing thought for tomorrow…


  1. Write woman! Write!
    You can do it.
    Ughh. I have to go back to the grocery store, too. More people than expected are coming over for Turkey, etc.

    I’m hoping to get today and tomorrow’s words done today. Tomorrow looks hopeless for writing.

    I need to average 2200 a day for the next 10 days to make it to 50k. (I had to write 9K last weekend to catch up that far!)


  2. Hey, I wrote 1K before most of the family got up this morning. I just need to add a couple more!

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