Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s lovely here in the NC mountains despite the clouds and occasional rain. A fresh breeze is blowing off my parents’ deck, and the Blue Valley below is its usual mercurial self, revealing shades of Prussian blue and smoky grey as the sun flirts with the cloud cover. Inside, the hum of voices and laughter blends with the smells of roasting turkey and favorite dishes wafting from the kitchen. Frack has created the folk art turkey from a gourd rescued from the porch display, while Frick and his father are discussing musical tastes and their mutual disdain for classical. I have a cocker spaniel at my feet (borrowed; Buc belongs to my sister) and the promise of a good meal ahead. Best of all, I have a family I love–some of whom are celebrating in Florida, like my Mama, sister, brothers, and their families–and friends who are steady and supportive in good times and bad.

Praise God, from whom all blessings flow.

Norman Rockwell, “Freedom from Want”

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