Gah! Air Travel!!

This morning, Ms. Without-Shopping and I woke up at o-dark thirty to catch a 6:30 flight to a conference. Flying anywhere for any professional reason almost never happens to teacher types (it involves money), so we’re excited–until we get to the airport. We park and hustle into the terminal. Turns out the e-ticket is one of those “operated by” tix, so we’re at the wrong airline. On the wrong side of the terminal, it turns out. While we’re crossing over, we see that the TSA screening line stretches from here to Chicago (at 5:45 am?? Hello??). So basically, no plane for you!

So now I have a day off from work, but I’m spending it in the airport on standby. My life is an encyclopedic justification of Murphy’s Law. Air travel FAIL.

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