Dear Manuscript: It’s Not You, It’s Me

This was a painful week, one that had been brewing for longer than I’ve been willing to admit. This week, I broke up with the baseball book.

I love so many elements about this story: a heroine finding herself after a painful divorce, a couple of excellent sidekicks, a hunky guy who restores houses, and baseball (of course). It was a NaNoWriMo book that I enjoyed drafting. The revising? Not so much.

Despite excellent input from some savvy and intelligent friends and guidance from Dream Agent, the baseball book can’t get the bat off its own shoulder. It has all the potential, but it’s in a slump. So instead of polishing the spark out of it, I’m going to send it down to the minors until it regains its mojo.

I have faith in it. I like these characters and I love the theme (I am an October baby, after all, born the day before the World Series started), so it will find its place in the batting order at some point. Until then, it’s back to the cages for me. I need to work on my swing.

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