Carolina in My Mind

Ahh….mountain air. There’s something refreshing about escaping the ridiculous humidity in Florida and enjoying cooler days and nights in the Blue Ridge. Driving up from Atlanta, you can totally understand the scriptural reference “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help” (if I may go all King James for a moment). The Appalachians don’t have the jaw-dropping vistas you see in the Rockies, but there’s something about them…probably the fact that they’re the oldest mountain range on earth.

At any rate, we’ll enjoy a few days in NC before collecting up Frick (who’s been on a trip with the middle school youth from church) and Frack (who’s been in the mountains for a week, visiting the grands) and heading back home. It’s a nice reset button for the summer, now that we’re on the downhill slide toward the new school year. I just wish it were closer…that loooooooooooong drive through middle Georgia on I-75 is surely the Devil’s handiwork.

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