RWA National: Homework

Met with Dream Agent yesterday for our one-on-one. Thursday’s agency get-together in the Film Center Café was interesting and instructive (how often do you get to talk with agency folk and authors about agent-author relationships, etc.?), but this meeting was the meat of my week at RWA National.

I sit down at our teeny table at the bar, and Dream Agent pulls out the longest email I have ever seen. It’s her notes on the two proposals I sent her. We went over them in detail–and I mean detail. I’ve got plenty to work on …and that’s not even considering her feedback on the other ideas I sent her, which are in a separate giant email, both of which she’s sending me when she gets back into the office on Tuesday.

We also determined that since I have no problems meeting a deadline from an editor, while self-imposed deadlines get slipperier and more evasive than Frank Abagnale, Dream Agent needs to be a bit of a taskmistress. Don the metaphorical thigh-high boots and pick up the whip, so to speak. I think she enjoyed that a bit, since she gave me a deadline of the third week of July to basically rewrite two synopses and clean up about five chapters’ worth of writing. And I’m spending next week in New York on vacation with the denizens of Chez mimi. So, two weeks, then.

Methinks mimi will be a busy–but happy–girl. She’s always liked school. Even the homework.

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