RWA National: Art Journaling 101

My very first workshop of this year’s conference was one presented by my dear friends Katherine Garbera and Nancy Robards Thompson and moderated by yours truly. Both of them have been using art journaling as a creative pathway, and this interactive workshop (glitter glue was involved) gave the participants an opportunity to create an art journal page.

You don’t have to be a fabulous artist to reap the benefits of the art journal process. Nancy and Kathy use their journals as character inspiration and exploration,  for catharsis, to refill the creative well, and for fun! Having a variety of supplies handy makes the process easier. Consider everything from the usual pencils and paints to including specialty papers, stamps, ribbons, buttons, stickers, or other objects. Pages may be created through collage, doodling, writing, stencil inn, and many other methods. The key is to develop the journal in the way that speaks to you, keeping in mind that the art is for your enjoyment and exploration, not necessarily public consumption.

Techniques and guides can be found all over YouTube, and the ladies suggested these links as helpful places to get started:

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