Release Day!

Today’s the day! The Billionaire’s Deception is being released by Tule Publishing’s Holiday Books. I’m really excited about this book because not only is it my first publisher release, but it is also one of a series of five books by fellow authors and friends Katherine Garbera, Nancy Robards Thompson, Kathleen O’Brien, and Eve Gaddy.

I had a ball planning this book with these women. Writing is always an individual effort, but having other voices and ideas boosts your own creativity and also keeps you on your toes.┬áThere’s an art and a craft to book series. You have to make your own book work and work with your fellow authors to ensure that story elements harmonize across the entire series. For us, that meant a shared Pinterest board for visual input so we could design our island setting and the luxury hotel at its center, tons of emails, and the occasional writing sprint at a hideous hour of the night, since Katherine lives in the UK. Once the first book was submitted, the rest of us made tweaks and additions to fit the emerging stories, calling and checking with the help of the amazing editorial staff at Holiday Books to ensure that everything flowed. I think we’ve created a series readers will love.

The Billionaire’s Deception is Book 2 of the Amalfi Night Billionaires series. For more information on this book and the other books in the series, click here. To order your copy for Kindle, click here.

Happy reading!

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