Bringin’ the Heat

‘Scuse the baseball analogy, but I’m fixin’ to make it do double duty in a sec. Today was opening day of fall ball for both Frick and Frack, since Frack’s softball opener was rained out Thursday night. So it’s been a loooooooooooong day at the ballpark. BallparkS, that is. Up early to take Frack to her away game, then 1-1/2 hours in the growing heat. By 10:30 we’d already reached the high 80s. Thankfully, the girls won, 9-2, so those hours of sweating it out in her polyester triple-knit uniform–with pants, no less–were worth it. Took her sweaty self home for some lunch, then off to our home field for Frick’s baseball opener at 1. By then it was 92 degrees in the shade, with humidity of 63% or more, so the heat index was 101. Since Frick’s now in junior baseball, we’re talking seven innings of slow poaching. Thankfully, we had hitters and they had weak pitching, so we got called after the third batter in the sixth because of the ten-run rule. Yay!

Back home to find–instead of blessed air conditioning–a HOT house. The fan’s blowing, but nothing’s cooling. This happened the other day, too. Yegods. Flipped the breaker back and forth, praying that it’ll start blowing cool, and hightailed it out of there for a Panera Bread. Free Wi-Fi and unlimited iced tea refills. And they’ve brought back blondies! Thanks to the Lord for tiny mercies. I may survive until bedtime after all…assuming the air kicks on.

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