Biscuit Worthy

I can’t remember where I picked it up, but the Bed/Dinner List game always provides some interesting conversation in that lull between clearing the plates and dishing up the pie. Here’s how you play: Name a well-known man, then say whether he’d be named to the Bed List (i.e., you’d go to bed with him and not kick him out, crackers be damned) or the Dinner List (you’d love to have dinner with him, but not necessarily hook up for post-dessert activities, if you get my drift). Once you’ve called a guy, no one else can name him during that round. It gets interesting!

I happened to launch a round of the Bed/Dinner List game at the famous dinner party wherein I met Dream Agent–one of the things, she said later, that convinced her to take me on as a client (I don’t recommend this method if you’re agent hunting, but it worked beautifully for me!). The group at the table had gone a round or two when one of the servers walked in and offered her choice: “Matthew McConaughey. I could sop him up with a biscuit!” Since then, “Biscuit Worthy” has become an ultimate compliment among my close girlfriends. He sure is. That grin! That six-pack! Plus, any guy who feels comfortable enough to play the bongo drums naked is a guy who’s probably comfortable enough to do lots of interesting things, if you get my drift. Hazel, fetch the flour. Let’s bake us some biscuits!

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